"How to access and activate our highest potential" - Save the Date: 26. - 28.02.2018

A great Workshop with Martin Kalungu-Banda

Our life story is not just a reflection of the past, it is also the antenna that helps us to detect the next chapters of our lives and our work. The workshop will explore and introduce practices that enable us access and actualize our highest potential at individual, organizational and collective levels.

The core capacities we need to respond to complex and unpredictable times include the following:

  • Drifting: how to access the intelligence of the open mind
  • Redirecting our attention
  • Connecting with the moment

Dieser Workshop mit Martin Kalungu-Banda findet erstmals in Vorarlberg statt. Martin Kalungu-Banda entwickelte einen eigenen methodischen Ansatz, „Driftology“, mit dem wir - nicht leistungsorientiert - tiefer wahrnehmen und sorgsamer handeln können.

Leitung: Martin Kalungu-Banda,
Mitglied des Otto Scharmer's presencing Instituts
Datum: 26.-28. Februar 2018 (2,5 Tage)
Ort: Raum Vorarlberg

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