When we talk about coaching we mean a continuous but limited support by an experienced coach. In these conversations we work on concrete questions from the coachee in a partner-like, goal-oriented, practice-oriented manner, which emphasises the present day, and is relevant to implementation (i.e., forward-looking). The professional role of the coachee stays in focus. Aspects of personal questions can also be addressed. The purpose of the coaching is to find new approaches and other ways of thinking until a new perspective reveals the solution.

The coach assumes the role of the sparring partner, travelling companion, mirror, or researcher. Through help to self-organization, self-help and self-determination, he/she helps the coachee to...

- take in new perspectives and achieve clarity

- find solutions and consider consequences

- free him/herself from debilitating convictions or to strengthen standpoints

- regain the capability to act or to generate alternative courses of action.

Our experienced Coaches want to get to the heart of the matter with their clients and, in doing so, are guided by our Coaching-Model.
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