Organisational development with MCV

Organisational development with MCV includes consulting and development of companies and institutions. And includes parts of companies, teams and individuals. In our organizational development projects, it is about developments or changes which enable short-term successes as well as the sustainable viability of a company.

Organisational development with MCV refers to strategic, cultural, organisational, or economic questions. We stand for comprehensive, goal-oriented and sustainable developments and changes.
Our organisational development projects include pausing, planning, acting, accelerating and slowing down – depending on the situation and the goal.

Organisational development with MCV is comprehensive consulting: in addition to process accompaniment, we make professional incentives and concepts for the development of the company identity, strategy, management and leadership, as well as viability structures and processes, available to you. We pay attention to the mobilisation of existing resources and potentials. We “invent” solutions which can be accepted by those affected and practically applied.

We orientate ourselves to different models and approaches from humanism, constructivism, system theory, business administration, organizational theory, bioenergetics, existential analysis, and systemic consulting.


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