Team development

We assume that, in teams, further development is desired and deliberate. This is the basis for clarifying and constructive work. We want to support those involved in clarifying the specific characteristics and requirements of the team, and to work on these in a forward-looking way.


Several principles which we are guided by in our work with teams:

  • A team consists of individual people with individual resources and characteristics. The foundation, in order to be able to utilize these differences, is formed by appreciative acceptance.
  • It is necessary to firmly establish the goals of the team members as well as the common goal, and to balance these, to achieve constructive teamwork.
  • To assume mutual responsibility is part of the attitude practiced in a team.
  • Teams connect their performance with permanent learning and engage themselves for further development as a unit as well as with regard to the individual person.
  • The most important form of teamwork is dialogue.
  • A high level of objective, structural, and social commitment in teams is a condition for success.
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