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Regenerative Interventions

People development with a life-giving approach

What underpins the many and varied movements of today is a worldview that honors life. More and more people are turning away from the dominant paradigm which is based on maximalization, competition and contributing to destructive outcomes as wealth inequality and degradation of the world’s ecosystems.

But what does it mean for the development of people in organizations when we strive for more balance in taking and giving? How can we support development which is inclusive, collaborative, adaptive and with care for all living systems?

In this workshop we share design cues:

  • On an individual level you deepen the quality of presence and will reflect on regeneration in your own profession
  • We paint a map of the shift which is happening in the field of Organizational Development (OD). We offer examples of OD Interventions which are focused on purpose, interconnectedness and which are in themselves regenerative
  • We as a group go through an emergent learning process, where we practise deep listening and a generative form of dialogue
  • And the heart of our approach is inspired by Nature Which means that we will experience some of the interventions outside in nature
Target group
We are calling out for leaders, (OD) consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators, HR, L&D, for everyone who is keen to generate a more vital and sustainable ground for development in organizations.
We offer this workshop as an online version as well as an in person workshop.





Wann 29.04.2022 Beginn: 10:00
29.04.2022 Ende: 16:00
Kosten EURO 350 Business
EURO 250 NGO and Freelancer
EURO 180 private

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29.04.2022, 10:00 - 29.04.2022, 16:00