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Activate your individual and organisational transformative ability

Presence Workshop with Martin Kalungu-Banda: 31.05. – 02.06.2021

Martin Kalungu-Banda from Presencing Institute will lead through a process of activating your individual and organizational transformative ability. Take the opportunity to see Martin live in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Driftology – the process to activate your highest transformative potential

  • on an individual and collective level
  • with a clear mind and open heart
  • following the power of your intention
  • to develop yourself, your team and your organisation

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„Das Seminar mit Martin Kalungu-Banda war eine Offenbarung für mich;
die Drifts waren schon immer da, aber diese zu erkennen und bewusst abzurufen
war eine tolle Erfahrung.“

Judith Rennhard, Swiss Reinsurance Ltd.

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What the workshop is all about ...

Living in an era where we cannot control most of the events in our exterior world, we need to learn how to attend to and seize the openings around and within us. Each person’s life story (this is also true of organizations and communities) contains the seeds and fertile ground from which he or she can learn about and navigate towards the future that life calls them. Our life story is not just a reflection of the past, it is also the antenna that helps us to detect the next chapters of our lives and our work. The workshop will explore and introduce practices that enable us access and actualize our highest potential.

Core capabilities the workshop will share ...

As we enter a period of extreme organizational and societal disruptions, we need to develop new capacities – at individual and collective levels – that can enable us to turn these disruptions into opportunities and build the future we want; the future we know is possible. The core capacities we need to respond to complex and unpredictable times include the following:

  • “Drifting”: how to access the intelligence of the open mind;
  • “Redirecting our attention”: how to notice and attend to the people and events that help us to access the highest future possibilities that life calls us to; and
  • “Connecting with the moment”: how to be in service of something larger than ourselves and letting go what is not essential as a way of letting the authentic self-emerge.
What the workshop is for ...

Leaders in business, government and civil society organizations looking for new ways of how to lead in moments of disruption; individuals seeking to discover what life calls them to be and to do; and communities or groups of people looking for ways of how to unleash collective potential.

The 3-day experiential Drifting-Workshop is designed for leaders and teams at all levels who are interested in more intense and condensed learning araount the principles and practices of drifting.

Through reflective exercises, interactive presentations, case clinics and embodiment practices, participants will learn and apply the seven capacities of the deep leadership cycle that help change-makers to transcend old behavior patterns, realize new possibilities, and enable transformation and innovation.

„Wir müssen uns angewöhnen, Dinge, Situationen und Ereignisse zu uns sprechen zu lassen, so wie sie im Moment sind. Wenn wir die vorhandenen Umstände wirklich erleben und dafür dankbar sind, entwickeln wir eine neue Intelligenz und Weisheit.“
Martin Kalungu-Banda

Über Martin Kalungu-Banda:

Presencing Institute & Beyond Business School Consulting – Future Considerations

Martin is a consultant in Leadership & Organisation Development, a designer and facilitator of innovation and organization change processes, a trainer, coach, writer and an entrepreneur, who has co-founded at least 8 businesses in the past 10 years.

In the last 5 years he has been facilitating leadership development and innovation programs for senior executives in Africa





Wann 31.05.2021 Beginn: 09:30
02.06.2021 Ende: 13:00
Kosten EURO 1900,-
Frühbucherbonus: EURO 1750
(gültig bis 22.03.2021)

Anmeldeformular für:

31.05.2021, 09:30 - 02.06.2021, 13:00